Koppers Giethoorn

Would you like to rent a boat in Giethoorn?

Koppers Giethoorn

Would you like to take a canal cruise in Giethoorn?

Koppers Giethoorn

Would you like to rent a boat in Giethoorn?

Koppers Giethoorn

Would you like to take a canal cruise in Giethoorn?

Koppers Giethoorn

Would you like to rent a boat in Giethoorn?

Koppers Giethoorn

Would you like to take a canal cruise in Giethoorn?

Koppers Giethoorn

Would you like to rent a boat Giethoorn?

Koppers Giethoorn

Would you like to rent a boat Giethoorn?

Frequently Asked Questions Giethoorn

To answer your possible questions, we publish below the answers to frequently asked questions Giethoorn related to boat rentals and canal cruises. Please take a look at this before contacting us.



Can I reschedule or cancel in case of bad weather?

If you have rented a boat or booked a cruise, you have agreed to our terms and conditions. If you wish to cancel, please see the cancellation policy in our terms and conditions. If you wish to reschedule a reservation, this is possible. You can then move your reservation once free of charge after our approval and confirmation.

We understand that when it rains heavily, you don’t sit in a rental boat for fun. You can join a covered tour if it rains hard.


Are there restrooms available at the boat rental?i?

Yes, at the gift store on Hylkemaweg 13 we have several restrooms.

What is a Whisper Boat?

A whisper boat is a boat equipped with an electric motor powered by a number of batteries, which allows you to cruise for at least 6 hours at full throttle. An electric motor does not make noise, or in other words it “whispers. Hence the name “whisper boat. Every electric boat is a “whisper boat.” However, every whisper boat is not an electric boat. If you have become curious about the differences, take a look at all our different rental boats.

Why can you only rent electric boats in Giethoorn?

It is mandatory for boat rentals in Giethoorn to equip their rental boats with an electric motor. This has been mandatory for Giethoorn’s fragile flora and fauna since the early 1990s. This is because a whisper boat does not produce odor and noise pollution and is less harmful to the environment than boats with explosive engines.

Do you need a boating license in Giethoorn?

No, you do not need a boating license to rent a whisper boat in Giethoorn. This is because a whisper boat is no longer than 15 m, does not go faster than 20 km/h and/or is not a passenger vessel. The skipper of a tour boat does need a boating license. If you join a canal cruise through Giethoorn you do not have to sail yourself but one of our skippers will steer the boat.

Do you get instructions when renting a boat in Giethoorn?

If you rent a boat from Koppers, we will give you instructions on how to drive the boat. Sailing in a whisper boat in Giethoorn is not difficult. Upon arrival, we will give you a sailing itinerary and explain how the boat works. Are you ready? Then reserve your boat right away.

Is sailing with a handlebar easier in Giethoorn?

People generally find sailing in a boat with a steering wheel easier. We have several types of different rental boats. There are the simple whisper boats, which you steer by hand on the outboard motor, and there are electric boats and console boats. The latter two boats have steering wheels. Many people find it nicer to cruise with a steering wheel because it works just like in a car.


How many people can I take in a boat in Giethoorn?

The rental boats in Giethoorn typically accommodate from 1 to a maximum of 8 people. The exact number of people you can travel with in one boat depends on the type of whisper boat. Click on types of whisper boats for the different types.

How long do you cruise through Giethoorn?

How long you cruise through Giethoorn depends on what you want to see and whether you want to take a break along the way (having coffee, lunch, swimming, etc.). For a standard route, you will need at least two hours. For more variety or breaks, you need three hours, four hours or longer. You can take a short itinerary of 2 hours but so can a whole day of sailing. Especially if you are cruising a little longer, a boat with cushions is very nice. Check out our different rental boats here .


Do I get a boating itinerary with you in Giethoorn?

When renting a boat, you will receive a boating route map that will be explained. Depending on your needs, the boat rental company can show you different options. Of course, you will be given the route map in the whisper boat.

Can I get a life jacket if I rent a boat in Giethoorn?

First of all, it is important to know that in Giethoorn it is only 1 meter deep everywhere. So for adults and older children, it is not necessary to wear a life jacket. If you are boating with young children, it is wise to have them wear life jackets. If you rent a boat from us, you can get a life jacket. We have a number of life jackets available for loan. You can get our life jackets for free from us. However, it is not possible to reserve the vests, so they may already be on loan. So if you want to be sure of a life jacket, it’s best to bring your own.


May we bring our own food/drink on board?


Yes, if you rent a boat from us you may bring your own food and/or drinks. It is also possible to buy cans of soft drinks in the souvenir store and take them with you. Please note that alcoholic beverages are prohibited on board for both the boat driver and passengers. Any coolers brought can be checked on site.

How deep is the water in Giethoorn?

The waters around Giethoorn are about 1 meter deep. Both in the canals and on the lake. So you need not be afraid. However, be careful not to dive into the water from the boat.


Where can you swim in Giethoorn?

Giethoorn is known for its abundance of water. You can swim at several places in Giethoorn. The best place to swim is at the “swimming island” on the lake the “Bovenwijde. For your own safety, we recommend that you wear swimming shoes everywhere.

Can my dog join the boat in Giethoorn?

Yes, dogs are allowed in the boat. However, if you rent an Electrosloop or a Sloep Deluxe, dogs are not allowed due to the fragility of the cushions. Dogs are allowed in the whisper boat and console boat. You can see the differences between these boats here.

Dogs are also allowed on the tour boat as long as they can lie under the table. Ask yourself if it is wise to sail with a large Saint Bernard or multiple dogs, for example. On our booking website you can see der different departure times of the canal boat.


Can the stroller be taken on the whisper boat/ canal cruise in Giethoorn?

Taking strollers in a whisper boat is at your own risk. Baby carriages are not allowed on the tour boat. This is because the aisle must be clear in case of emergencies. It is possible to place the cars in our garage.

What is there to do in winter in Giethoorn?

Giethoorn is a picturesque village located in the province of Overijssel, Netherlands, which is best known for its picturesque canals and waterways. In winter, Giethoorn transforms into an enchanting and peaceful setting.

During this time of year, you can take a wonderful cruise through Giethoorn in a covered and heated boat,

However, it may also be that it is freezing. This caused the canals to freeze and form a vast network of frozen waterways. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rent a boat in Giethoorn or take a tour then. This makes the village particularly attractive to skating enthusiasts, who can enjoy miles of frozen trails through the village and surrounding countryside. Many locals and visitors take the opportunity to glide across the ice and experience the winter splendor of Giethoorn.

Some of the characteristic farmhouses and cottages along the canals are surrounded by a beautiful snowy landscape, giving the village a fairytale feel. Restaurants and cafes in Giethoorn welcome visitors with hot drinks and local delicacies, making it an ideal place to relax after a day on the ice.

Overall, Giethoorn offers a serene and atmospheric experience in winter, and it is a great destination for anyone who enjoys winter activities and enchanting scenery. If you want to enjoy these beautiful winter scenes, book acruise through Giethoorn.

What souvenirs of Giethoorn are there?

Buying souvenirs in Giethoorn can be a fun way to capture memories of your visit to this picturesque village. In we have 3 different souvenir stores throughout the village. In our stores you can find typical Dutch and Giethoorn-related souvenirs. Here are some ideas for souvenirs to buy in Giethoorn:

  1. Clogs (Wooden Shoes): Wooden clogs are a classic Dutch souvenir and can be purchased in our stores in Giethoorn. They come in various sizes and decorations, making them a fun and traditional keepsake.
  2. Delft Blue Pottery: Delft Blue is a famous Dutch pottery style, and you can often find beautiful Delft Blue souvenirs in our stores in Giethoorn, such as plates, tiles and vases.
  3. Photos and Postcards: You can also buy postcards and photos of Giethoorn in our souvenir stores to remember the beautiful landscapes and houses of the village.

It is always a good idea to ask our staff for recommendations on specific souvenirs, as they can often point you to unique and special items that may not be immediately obvious. Remember that buying souvenirs is a fun way to remember your travel experience.