Day trip to Giethoorn in June

Visiting Giethoorn

Those who go to the “Venice of the North” can choose to cruise, walk or bike through the village. Along the way you can stop at a store to buy a nice souvenir or have a cup of coffee at one of the many restaurants in the center. Surely the best way to visit Giethoorn is by boat. After all, you can’t get everywhere on foot. The lakes surrounding the village and large parts of National Park Weerribben-Wieden are accessible only by boat. In the month of June, our entire fleet will be ready for departure. In fact, there are different types of boats for rent. From small whisper boats to larger electric sloops.

Boat rental Giethoorn

At boat rental and tour company Koppers Giethoorn, we are happy to help you choose the right boat and inform you about the various possibilities. Upon arrival, you will receive a boating route map with accompanying explanations of the various boating routes through our unique area. You will also receive instructions on how to drive the boat. Rest assured that you do not need a boating license to rent a boat in Giethoorn. June is an appropriate month to plan a day trip to Giethoorn. There is certainly a chance of beautiful summer weather in this month, and the gardens along the village canal look beautiful. This period is known to be relatively quiet, as holidays such as Easter, Pentecost and Ascension have been and the summer vacations are yet to come. If you can take a day off during the week, we recommend that you come then. Watch the weather forecast carefully and reserve your boat a few days in advance through our booking site.

Whisper Boat Giethoorn